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I'm so glad you're here.

The Centered Mama Project is a gathering place

for mamas like you who know there’s more to life

than diapers and homework.


It’s a judgement-free safe zone of support, laughter and truth-telling.

A place where we welcome you exactly as you are.

Have a look around, beautiful, and step inside when you’re ready. Just below you’ll find three ways you can tap into the Centered Mama Project’s goodness.

Can’t wait to get to know you, gorgeous one.

You do everything for everyone and once in a while you’d like someone to take care of you.

You’re in the right place. The Nurture Sessions are all about you.

One hour of fully-focused soul food. Come in with whatever’s on your heart and mind, and leave feeling lighter in heart and rested in soul.

Click here to schedule a one-hour Nurture session. We’ll fill up your cup and get you back up on your feet.  

Can’t wait to talk, beauty.

Motherhood is one heck of a journey, and it’s not meant to be undertaken alone. You know how they say it takes a village to raise a child? Well, it also takes a village to support a mum.

The Centered Mama’s Sisterhood is a global community of mamas (just like you) who know there’s more to life then diaper changes and after-school taxi duty.

It’s a place for straight-talking, truth-telling, no-holds-barred sharing of real mama life… while laughing, learning and growing together.

Inside the Sisterhood you’ll get access to a whole world of mamas (a village in your pocket) with 24/7 access to a global sisterhood of mamas who’ll have your back and hold your heart no matter what.

It’s a judgement-free, no-mean-girl zone that welcomes ALL mamas… our mission is to ensure no mama is left behind.

You belong here, Mama, and we can’t wait to meet you.

Curious to know more?

Click here to get on the waiting list for the Sisterhood. Doors open November 14th!!!


You do ALL the things for ALL the people.

I see you, mama. You’re a super-hero for everyone else, but when it comes to taking true care of yourself… not so great, right?

The Self-lovathon is what you need: more than a month of self-care that will take you from frazzled to flow, working from the inside-out.

You’ll learn tiny little self-care strategies you can tuck in your heart-pocket and draw on whenever you need to build up your core love supply so you never feel like you’ve run out.

Go at your own pace and find out how a daily dose of self-love is the magic ticket to showing up as your best self with ALL the people (and all their things).

Click here to access the juicy goodness of the Centered Mama’s Self-lovathon.

Who’s behind The Centered Mama Project?

Anne Ferguson is the Founder and Chief Nurturer at The Centered Mama Project. She’s an international mama who knows first-hand what it’s like to navigate the ups and downs of family life across continents.

She’s raising her two bright sparks in Europe, continents away from family and old friends. She’ll be the first to tell you she sometimes struggles to keep all the balls in the air. In the last few years she retrained as a yoga teacher, started a business and discovered the importance of powerful connections with other entrepreneurial mamas.

Most of all, she learned (the hard way) that being a superwoman and trying to do it all isn’t good for anyone, and she resolved to make sure that mamas around the world feel seen, supported and connected to themselves and to each other.

Often called “Mama Bear” by her friends and colleagues because of her fierce commitment to making sure no mama is left behind, Anne draws on her decade of mothering, her teaching skills and her (pre-mama) professional experience to nurture mamas around the world so they can rediscover themselves and create meaningful community.

Centered Mama Love

What an amazing experience… I knew the Mini Mama Break would do my heart and body good, but I had no idea…

The last five hours were heavenly: blissful centering, empowering movement, soul searching and fear-releasing journaling, an epic dance party alone in my living room and a delicious lunch and smoothie… I feel more alive.

The Mini Mama Break is soooooooo worth doing. Thank you for the loving and affirming journey you crafted with so much care. It’s amazing what this time did for my spirit.


International mama, Switzerland / Australia

I really value the bi-weekly workshops with Anne. The conversations we have are incredible and the connections we make are unlike anything else I’ve been able to find. The workshops always provide loads of food for thought and I often carry our conversations over into the rest of my life. I always look forward to the next workshop! Christine

Global mama, Switzerland / USA