EP034:  Ann Sheybani on the delights of an empty nest, the importance of risk and the inevitability of suffering

EP034: Ann Sheybani on the delights of an empty nest, the importance of risk and the inevitability of suffering

Life has many seasons, and this week’s guest is ROCKIN’ her current season in life and loving her empty nest. Ann Sheybani is revelling in the time she now has to live life entirely on her terms, engrossed in what thrills her and setting off on countless adventures.

I loved our conversation about love and worry (spoiler alert: it’s not the same thing), how you can have it all, but NOT all at the same time. My favourite quote? “This superwoman thing is CRAP!” because we end up like we’re falling short all the time. Not good and so true.

When her children were young, Ann tried to shield her children from suffering as their father fell ill and eventually died. That’s when she learned the hardest lesson of all for a mother “you can’t save your kids from pain and suffering. You can’t control everything. The guilt and worry is totally a waste of energy and time. Do your best, trust that you’re doing your damndest, and give it up to god or whatever.”

Words to live by.

We meander through the quickest way to destroy a marriage and detour over to risk and its benefits for our kids before landing on some real nuggets of advice. Make sure you listen right to the end, because Ann’s wisdom is so, so valuable.

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EP033: On pivots, excitement and fear moving into 2019

EP033: On pivots, excitement and fear moving into 2019

It’s a new year with its fresh-scented promise of great things to come. Whatever your ambitions this year, my wish for us all is kindness, gentleness, success, heaps of fun and wickedly delightful adventure.

In today’s episode I’m doing something scary: I’m telling you what’s about to switch around here and why. It’s all about belonging, sisterhood and why it matters so damned much to have a group of trustworthy, supportive women who have your back through thick and thin.

Today’s episode marks a pivot for this podcast, a pivot for my business and the beginning of a massive flourishing for the MamaFuelTM Sisterhood community. 

I can’t wait to hear what you think and what your experiences of sisterhood have been. If you haven’t yet, make sure you join our free Virtual Village by clicking here so you can join the conversation. And if you’d like me to tell you about the Sisterhood when it opens again, then drop me a line at anne@mamafuel.me and I’ll keep you posted.

Huge love, pivots and all. 

EP032: Dr Stephania Sciamano on radically evolving the feminine & attracting what you desire

EP032: Dr Stephania Sciamano on radically evolving the feminine & attracting what you desire

Dr Stephania Sciamano is a healer, a naturopathic doctor, a shaman, a mother and one hell of a perspicacious woman who talks straight about our relationship with money, wealth and receiving being a direct result of how we care for and think of ourselves.

In this wide-ranging conversation Stephania and I talk about radically evolving the feminine AND the masculine to create a beautiful dance within ourselves and with the Divine. She shares how her path from pre-med student to shaman was anything but straight, what radical evolution looks like in her daily life and how we can radically evolve ourselves.

If talking soul, energy and trust is your jam, buckle up… this conversation is packed with gems about listening to the whispers of your soul, rebuilding your connection with the Divine and achieving a magical union between your inner feminine and masculine.

Stephania talks about something she frequently sees in women: our separation from the Divine and our belief that we’re not worthy to receive. I was hooked by her explanation of how she’s seen countless women find their way back to Source, union, wealth and easeful joy once they become aware of their unconscious willingness to be separate and heal that at its core. I’ll have some of that. How about you?

If you draw nothing else from this episode, remember this: once you create space and become in full approval of yourself, THEN (and only then) you begin to radically evolve your feminine, and you can reconnect with your healthy feminine and masculine incredibly strongly.

Today’s conversation is being published a week later than planned because I decided to take a REAL break. From the Internet, from work, from everything. But I’ve stepped back into the digital world to share with you a juicy and thought-provoking interview to carry us into the new year.

I suspect we’ll be back with a sequel to this conversation, but for now if you’d like to find out more about Stephania, check out her web site here and join her on Facebook here.

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EP031: On adventure, pleasing yourself and following your curiosity with Patricia Agnew

EP031: On adventure, pleasing yourself and following your curiosity with Patricia Agnew

Today’s guest is a wonderful pixie-souled adventurer whose everyday courage inspires me to step off the beaten track. Patricia Agnew is a mama and a grandmother whose love of life is contagious. Any woman who says that her RV is her soulmate is a woman I definitely want to talk to… and Patricia is top of the list in that category!

In this episode we talk about the importance of following the nudges in life and trusting that they’ll lead somewhere good, the delicate dance of establishing the right amount of space in multi-generational relationships, and why one of the secrets of happiness is to put yourself FIRST always. 

Patricia’s nuggets of wisdom will stay with me for a while, and at the end of the podcast I read you a list of 10 things she’d love to have been able to tell her younger self. Here’s one of my favourite from our conversation: “Try things, and make sure that you do it in the safety of your “tribe” because it’s so comforting to know they’ll understand whether you do or you don’t go through with something.”

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If you’d like to know more about Patricia, check out her blog here: mabelandmetravel.wordpress.com

EP030: On transitions with kids, the true meaning of sisterhood and why connection is life force (solo episode)

EP030: On transitions with kids, the true meaning of sisterhood and why connection is life force (solo episode)

In today’s episode, I’m recording in my new digs… but with really bad soundproofing (thus the cushion)! With an update on what’s been going on at MamaFuel HQ.

There’s been a lot of change in our neck of the woods, and I’ve been watching how the stories we tell ourselves cause so. much. resistance. to. change.

Oh my goodness. 

But change is GOOD, for the most part. Even when you like things the way they are.

My question to you is this: is it your true heart urging you to stay comfortable, or is it your ego-dressed-up-like-a-fancy-authority? Because our ego doesn’t always have it right; in fact, it’s usually messing with you in a bid to keep us small and safe.

While comfort zones are good at times, we only grow when we move beyond them. Which is what I’m inviting you to do today in your relationships: step outside your comfort zone. Have a good look at your day-to-day life. Do you have a lot of online friendships? How about in-person relationships?

Technology is bringing us together and it’s also pushing us apart. More and more mamas (and I count myself among them) are feeling a deep craving for personal interaction. Nothing beats being within hugging distance. I’m recommitting to seeing people face-to-face and I’m excited to feel my world open up again. Want to join me? 

Come to our Facebook group and let’s talk about it. You can join us here.

EP029: Elena Lipson, goddess of self-care, on truly loving yourself

EP029: Elena Lipson, goddess of self-care, on truly loving yourself

Elena Lipson was my first ever self-love mentor. In fact, she is THE Divine Self-Care Mentor, and I credit her and my previous guest Leslie Potter, my amazing parenting coach, with helping me out of “martyr mama mode” and into grace and spaciousness.

I’ve decided to make October all about self-love and I can’t think of a better guest to kick that off. In today’s conversation Elena and I talk about mindful life choices, how Elena’s experiences with auto-immune disease led her to explore deep self-care as a path to healing, how she used the positive side of curiosity to imagine a completely different way of living, what made she and her husband choose to home-school their son, what that’s meant for her business, trusting our body and instincts and teaching our kids to do the same, and SO SO SO much more.

One of the things Elena said during our conversation that sticks with me the most is this: “One of the reasons we don’t trust our kids in their body is because we’ve forgotten how to trust ourselves in our own body. We’ve forgotten how to listen. We’re so in our heads that we don’t believe our kids, who are so connected to their own body.” So we tell them to wear sweaters when we’re cold and go to sleep when we’re tired. WEIRD, right? Remembering to listen to your body is SO important. Plus it gets us out of our kids’ business, and that’s a good thing!

Elena talks candidly about how becoming a mama led her to question many things about herself and her life and make different decisions from a place of deep-seeded trust in herself, her husband and their son. Their lives look nothing like they expected them to, and they’re so happy as a result. 

Want to get to know Elena a bit better? She’s got a beautiful podcast called Divine Self-Care Meditations and Musings, and episodes 45 – 47 are the ones Elena talks about during our conversation.

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